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Chapter Four - Dreams
-Noooooooooo! It's impossible! He always ruining my plans! – so loudly.
-Quickman, you had defeated him once!
Red sat on the floor.
-It was a luck, because he used Crash Bomb on himself too. And this time I was saved because of luck and your upgrade…. Why don't you resurrect those seven robots?
Wily didn't replied. He pushed the button (IDK which one), and monitor blinked… DWN 009, DWN 010, DWN 011, DWN 013, DWN 014, DWN 015, DWN 016.
-They're serving as defense. If they fail, I will battle Megaman.
Quickman noticed one thing.
-Fifth room is empty. Why?
-There must be you. But, you're alive. And now it's pointless for you to be there…. Cutman.
Palm face.
-Wily… Cutman is sharp, but dull.
He could say more, but decided to stop and relax. Corridor looks different. Glass boxes. Crash Bomber, Bubble Lead, Time Stopper, skull, and…his weapon? What is it here?... Another replicas?... Room, capsule. Screen for saving progress, again. Only pussies saves progress.
:iconquickmaster-exe:QuickMaster-EXE 0 0
Chapter Three - 110 000 000
Dragon was flying around the castle, trying to find Megaman. Shortly, Quickman realised that replicas have very primitive AI, and they were voice-less. Fast, silent machine for killing. And boring. One of them pointed to the blue robot.
- No one called him.
While Megaman was running through, Mecha-Dragon was looking for something. Then he roared, and pointed to the one place.
- Sole entrance to the castle? Can Wily put some spikes here?
Sniper Joe likes to fly. Air Shooter – powerful weapon.
- Does he think that these robots will help him conquer the world, or to stop me?.. What's happened with Quickman? – he was interested in this. He didn't found the key. Mega just made a copy of existing key.
Ladders… Impossible place for humans to reach… And for Gutsman.
- He could put here some spikes. And it would be very dangerous.
THE SKY IS FALLING! No, it was one of the horned replicas. This copy is very crazy. He wants to play deadly tag.
- Where is this Item? Where?
:iconquickmaster-exe:QuickMaster-EXE 0 0
Pusia-chan and Yasha COMPLETED by QuickMaster-EXE Pusia-chan and Yasha COMPLETED :iconquickmaster-exe:QuickMaster-EXE 0 0
Chapter Two - Upgrade
Flash, teleport. Beaten robot.
-MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! NOW MEGAMAN WON'T STOP ME!  - screamed an old crazy man. But now, he was happy.
- Quickman, you may go.
Robot had turned and went to the exit. Molten boomerang looked ugly. Too much cracks in his body. Legs were heavily damaged. Fight was very cruel and difficult... Long, long corridor. Cameras, cameras everywhere. Sketches. And weapons. Although, no one knows where Wily is buying or finding this stuff. But Quickman cared more about weaknesses. Why everyone has certain weakness? Metalman weak against his own weapon, how ironic. Metal cuts through the metal. Robot entered his capsule. Nearby stood six empty capsules. Forever empty.
- Forever alone…
Wily jumped off his capsule with heavy backpack.
- With this extraterrestrial material I can create whole army of unbeatable robots! MWAHAHAHAHA! – then he looked at sketch of Quickman.
- I have a plan…
Capsule beep means the end of cyber-dream. Display asks for
:iconquickmaster-exe:QuickMaster-EXE 1 0
Chapter one - Boomerang
A door. A passage.
- So, he has an eighth key. Then I'll find Dr. Wily. Violence…  Why does it exist?
The door. A room. Quietly, empty.
- Why do you want to kill Dr. Wily? – the voice said. Quickman appeared in front of Megaman.
- What!? I want him to stop!
- No. All because of you. Indeed, because of you, he built us.
- I'm just doing my main mission!
- Me too, Megaman. Me too.
After these words, Megaman received strong kick in the stomach.
"20/28 HP". Energy bar blinked on his buster. Still, Quickman was one of the strongest robot masters. But Megaman didn't care, because he hit Quickman with charged Atomic Fire.
"18/28 HP".
Boomerang started to melt slowly. Red robot stopped, because hot metal burned his video-sensors. Blue robot, wasting no time, switched to Time Stopper and activated it. Flash, glare.
- Come on… - whispered red robot… and moved.
"8/28 HP".
- How you made it?
- You think I don't know this attack? – red robot launched three boomera
:iconquickmaster-exe:QuickMaster-EXE 0 0
Snipe Woman's design by QuickMaster-EXE Snipe Woman's design :iconquickmaster-exe:QuickMaster-EXE 0 0 Kickman by QuickMaster-EXE Kickman :iconquickmaster-exe:QuickMaster-EXE 0 2 Sightwoman by QuickMaster-EXE Sightwoman :iconquickmaster-exe:QuickMaster-EXE 0 2 Insectman by QuickMaster-EXE Insectman :iconquickmaster-exe:QuickMaster-EXE 0 8 Cactusman by QuickMaster-EXE Cactusman :iconquickmaster-exe:QuickMaster-EXE 1 2


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I don't like beer. I like to write. Something. Megaman rocks.

Current Residence: Lithiania
Favourite genre of music: J-rock
Favourite photographer: Lilexor
Favourite style of art: ?
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: ACME V-500X
Favourite cartoon character: Tom (Tom&Jerry)
Colour! for NDS. Да, только этим и буду пользоваться


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